Global Giving Donation Issues

If you have been following our newsletters you will know that we have been facing some issues with receiving donations given through our primary donation partner Global Giving. We decided to create this page so that we could clearly explain the issues faced and the steps that are being taken to overcome them.

At the bottom of Global Giving’s website is the following message:

Important Notice about Projects in India

We are currently expecting delays in getting funds to this project due to new regulatory requirements that impact GlobalGiving’s ability to disburse to organizations in India. GlobalGiving is working hard to address the issue. Donations to this project will be disbursed as quickly as possible.

Obviously not receiving any funds from Global Giving since July has put a lot of stress on our organization. With university fees to pay, birthdays to celebrate and a thousand other bills and projects that need funding we have dipped into every savings just to get by. Thankfully after some discussions Global Giving informed us of the following:

“We are currently facing disbursement issues to all Indian banked organisations due to new regulations by the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. At this point, no action is required from your end. We are working with lawyers in India to understand the situation better and to resolve it, in order to be able to resume disbursements. Unfortunately, we do not have a definite ETA on this. We will continue to send updates as and when we receive them from our lawyers who are working with the MHA.”
In a further email they suggested that it could be as late as early-2020 before they have their issues resolved with the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs. We entered into discussions about how we might be able to receive the funds they have already collected and received this response:
“If your organization has a relationship with a non-Indian nonprofit outside of India, we have set up a process to disburse to that organization. The non-Indian organization will fill out an application with GlobalGiving to become your Fiscal Sponsor. Once their application is approved, we are able to disburse the money your organization has raised to that organization. As part of their agreement of being a Fiscal Sponsor, they will then disburse that amount to your organization. Your Fiscal Sponsor has to be a registered nonprofit in the country they are based in and meet all the requirements of our application.”
To that end we have asked our good friends and long time supporters at Health & Development Aid Abroad to work with us to become our Fiscal Sponsors. By all accounts this should happen this side of Christmas. The system will be as simple as this:

We understand that this can be concerning to some of our donors but rest assured, donations are safe both with Global Giving and HADA. Both are highly reputable organizations and maintain our full trust. We have been working with HADA for more than a decade and the majority of all construction projects have been funded through them.

All donations and sponsorship payments can still continue to be given through Global Giving’s website, however, when possible it is best to give directly through HADA using this link:

Donate Directly Through HADA

We hope the information on this page will help to soothe your worries and if you should have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.