Girl’s Sofas

Our girls work really hard, after a long day we would love nothing more than for them to be able to kick their feet up and relax.


$240 of $240 raised

Girls Sofas

$240 of $240 raised
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Work is a part of life here on the Mission. We all do what we can to help around the place. Our older boys work on the farm, help in the workshop or assist our carpenter. The younger ones pick up litter, sweep leaves or take out the garbage… but it is our Big Girls who have the most consistent and demanding jobs to do. Each day they ensure our food is cooked, clothes are washed and youngest children are bathed and dressed. All this is done while balancing school life and social life. It is certainly not easy to be a Big Girl here.

We are so grateful for everything they do for us. For every loaf of bread. For every toddlers brushed teeth. As a special treat for them we would love to make a few sofa beds for their hostel living room. Normally sofas are quite expensive but recently while Clifton was away on holiday in Nepal he saw a design for a comfortable sofa that we can easily reproduce in our workshop.

Help us help our girls to kick up their feet after a long day. Each sofa will cost about $120 to make (including cushions). We will start with 2 for this project but hope to make 1 more after that.

Project Update!

The sofas are now completed and at home in the Girls Hostel. Thank you so much for the support! They are super comfortable and we are already receiving requests from staff and other departments for more! Such a great little project.