With the incredible support of the Samartha Saxena Foundation and CenturyLink India this year we have been able to expand our school campus with the construction of our new Learning Resource Center. This building will host our new library & computer lab and will help to provide our children with top quality education. The new building is already under construction and is expected to be completed in early 2018, ready for classes in April 2018.

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Our school is growing fast. Since 2013, we have seen more than 100 additional children join our student body each new school year! As it grows, the school and its students will need an expanded library and computer center. It has long been our hope to construct a 3000+ square foot center to meet this need, and we broke ground this past year. The building work will continue throughout 2017 with a completion date set at February 2018.


We have named our LRC building the Samartha Saxena Memorial Learning Resource Center (SSMLRC) in memory of our dear friend Sam who passed away in 2014 shortly before his 21st birthday. Sam, you are deeply missed, as we are sure you know. But your desire to serve, to give, is alive and well. Thousands of future students in our school will have a stronger education in your name. May we all leave such a powerful legacy, no matter how long we live.

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Thanks to CenturyLink India and the Samartha Saxena Foundation construction of this project is fully funded! Remaining funds will go towards furnishing the building.

How Else You Can Help

Getting It Built!

Our organization has partnered with international engineering firm Engineering Ministries International (EMI) for the construction side of this project. Having worked with EMI in the past we are sure of the quality of their work both pre-, during and post-construction. Concept sketches, like the one on the right, as well as detailed construction plans have already been created. More information about the South Asia branch of EMI can be found here: www.emi2.org

Situated between the currently constructed primary block and the proposed future secondary block, the LRC acts as a connecting element as it will be used by both. The front porch functions as an extension of the secondary school corridor. There are two entrances to this block – the central entrance leads to a reception for the library, while the entrance at the far end leads directly to the computer lab. The librarian is located in the center so as to be able to keep an eye on both reading rooms (primary and secondary), the digital area (for catalogue/web surfing) and the entrance/exit.

Large windows and sky lights will provide natural lighting in addition to solar LED lighting to keep the building as environmentally green as possible. The two reading rooms are separated by the book stacks, and also open out to an enclosed outdoor garden reading area. This adds to the natural lighting and creates a pleasant atmosphere. In addition, a small magazine section will also be introduced beside the digital area.

The computer lab will be air-conditioned and carpeted to ensure that the environment is clean (low dust) to extend hardware life. A digital projector will be used on the Western wall as a teaching aid. A total of 37 computers will comfortably be installed in the lab so as to maximize available space.

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As work progresses we will update our blog with posts about the construction. You can find those located here:

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How You Can Help

Whenever we start a big project like this one we hear people asking “how can I help?“. There are so many ways you can get involved:

  • We will need electricians to help with electrical wiring.
  • We will need painters for the painting of the building.
  • Librarians who can provide advice on software, books and shelving.
    …and most importantly…
  • Books, books and more books!

That last point is probably pretty obvious, but to make our SSMLRC a true success we are going to need it to be filled with the best fiction and non-fiction titles around. If you have any books in either English or Hindi please consider donating them to:

SSMLRC Book Drive
Maxton Strong School
Banbasa, Dist. Champawat
Uttarakhand, India, 262310

We have already had one little gentleman out there making a huge difference for our children, his name is Mathias and he is from Hong Kong. Take a look at his story, we think it is truly inspiring!

See how Mathias is making a difference…