In an upscaled version of the one we had last year, we hosted a team from National Geographic as they presented one of their photo camps for our kids. Our children had the rare opportunity to learn writing and photography from some world-renowned professionals. While the words and the images they came up with were fantastic, it was the commitment and hard work they brought to the opportunity that made us the most proud.

Twenty of our children were able to participate in the week long workshop, multiple classes were held each day and both writing and photography assignments were given out to the kids. NatGeo Photo Camp director Kirsten Elstner who led the workshop has been all over the world presenting this unique experience to kids in dozens of countries…and in her words, this was her favorite group of students. National Geographic put together a complete and printed book of the work that our students came up with, covering stories of Mission life, village portraits and artistic experiments. We could not be prouder of their work. You can download a copy of the book using the link below:

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On National Geographic’s Website

An article about one of our children was also published on National Geographic’s official website. We consider it a huge honor to have our children’s work published by such a world renowned organization.

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