One Voice

This collection began with a wild idea…

While developing a fundraiser to build 100 desks for our school, we added one final incentive. For anyone who funded our entire campaign, $4000 USD, we would write and record an original song, sung by one of the children of our hostels.

We never expected anyone to take us up on this, but two complete strangers from California did. “One Voice” is the song we put together for them, written by visiting volunteer John Marshall, produced by John Stewart of Houndog Recording in Gorham, ME USA, and sung by 6-year-old Cynthia Singh. (John also wrote “Family of Love.”)

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After that, when long-time friend of the Mission Frank Barta arrived from Australia, he brought a few songs of his own and some recording equipment. Frank is a skilled musician and producer, and he worked with the children to create “One Big Family,” “See the Child” and “Jesus in My Heart.”

We hope you enjoy this collection and can feel the joy and enthusiasm the children had in the recording studio. May the songs travel far and wide, inspiring us all to “sing with one voice” as the title track says.

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