Amazingly all of our children are currently sponsored. At this stage we are not accepting any further sponsorship applications. Thank you.

There are many places online where caring people can sponsor children. Usually, for a small monthly fee, you’ll receive a picture of a child and a few simple facts. Contact is minimal—but still you are helping to improve a life. Your sponsored child’s face on your refrigerator reminds you of this.

Sponsorship Policy

Our Program

At the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission, we’d like to create a more personal experience for both our children and their sponsors. We believe connection is what our kids need most, more than money, more than gifts. They need to know that someone cares.

Our children come from a multitude of backgrounds, some with at least one parent or other family member, some with no one outside the Mission gates. Those with surviving relatives often maintain some level of contact with their families. These bonds are encouraged by us, as we know how important a sense of family is to a child’s development. And so we’re looking for people who care. Supportive, champions to encourage and connect with our kids. These are the kinds of people we intend to involve in our child sponsorship program.

It doesn’t cost much to support a child in India. Just $1 a day is all we need. This may not seem like much money to you, but as you read on hopefully you will be able to understand ‘why’ and ‘how’ we can do so much for so little.

A Lasting Commitment

If you are thinking of getting involved in our orphan child sponsorship program, we ask you to consider carefully the commitment you are willing to make. Our hope is: sponsors will become part of our children’s lives. They will not simply give money. They will write letters, send pictures, occasionally call, share family stories, build a bond that will enrich both your life and your sponsored child’s life. After so much abandonment, we are hopeful these bonds can become a vital force that helps guide our children into adulthood, perhaps surviving for a lifetime. For this reason, we ask all prospective sponsors to think carefully before getting involved. A small group of committed individuals is what we are looking for and we hope you’ll join us by becoming a mentor, friend and extended member of the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission family.

Benefits To Our Kids

We want to be very clear that 100% of all funds raised in sponsorship for our children is used for our children. There are no admin fees, salaries or hidden costs involved. The pie chart below outlines roughly where the funds will be used, but honestly it changes from child to child; if you have any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sending Presents

Like any parent, we want to be careful with what we give to our children. While we want them to feel loved by you, and gift giving is a great way to do that, we also need to be sensitive to the fact that not all of our children have sponsors that can lavish them with gifts. For this reason, we suggest that the best gifts you can give to your sponsored child are things that don’t cost much of anything; letters, photos, Skype calls and the like. When presents are called for, such as for birthdays, make sure to be in contact with our Child Sponsorship Supervisor before purchasing anything. Please note that mobile phones and laptops are absolutely not acceptable as gifts for our children under any circumstances.

What About The Money

Sponsorship costs just $1.33 per day. $40 per month. $480 per year. Remarkably, this sponsorship money will do more than just pay for a child’s food and education. It actually covers his or her entire share of our orphanage’s operating costs…things like clothing, electrical bills, hostel repairs, picnics, furniture and more. We are able to achieve this because so many of our expenditures are off-set by fees generated from our school, food grown on our farm, and furniture/maintenance provided by our workshop. Projects like these reduce costs, as the ‘middle man’ in most transactions is removed.

When we do have to buy things, like toothpaste, clothing or crockery, we do so in bulk and always try to deal with the supplier directly. Additionally, our main administration team works without any salary or compensation, receiving financial support from their own individual sponsors, friends and family members.

Where To Begin

The very first step is to submit our First Step Form which can be found below. After this we will be in contact with you, introduce you to the child we feel best would fit your family and send you a link to get your PayPal payments set up. Almost immediately we will try to arrange a Skype or phone call to your child so that you can both begin to get to know each other.

First Step Form

Amazingly all of our children are currently sponsored. At this stage we are not accepting any further sponsorship applications. Thank you.