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Do you ever wish you could make a change in the world, but you just don’t know where to start? Or you’d like to make a donation to some worthy cause, but you wonder where your money will actually end up. For anyone who struggles with the doubt of giving…look no further. Below you will find real world ways to make a tangible difference in the lives of our amazing children. Mark your mark here at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission and be a part of the change.

Paint Our School

After a massive installation of a 18,000 square foot tin roof our school is now in need of a repaint, help make that happen.

$0 of $625 raised

Sound System

Crackling noise and feedback is the best we can get out of our old sound system, help bring the music back into our lives!

$750 of $750 raised


We’re are looking to add this amazing piece of equipment to our arsenal of tools, it will reduce work time, effort and expense.

$1,045 of $3,100 raised

Big Boys Hostel Roof

Our Big Boys Hostel roof is filled with cracks, every time it rains the boys beds get wet. A new tin roof will fix it and keep the monsoon out.

$765 of $8,300 raised

New Vehicle

A family of five normally has one or two cars. Our family of over one hundred has two. We desperately need one more.

$0 of $12,500 raised

New Tractor

Our tractors are between 10 and 40 years old now and they have seen some hard roads. We’re looking to add a new tractor to the team.

$800 of $13,500 raised

Learning Resource Center

This new building will host our library and computer lab and help to provide top quality education to our area!

$86,588 of $107,109 raised

Orphan Christmas 3

For the third time in a row we are looking to the world to help bring some extra cheer into our children’s lives.

$2,700 of $2,500 raised

Visitor’s Path

Even our visitors can have a hard time in the monsoon, we’re looking to make life a little easier by adding a 42m path.

$504 of $504 raised

Assorted Tools

We’d love to restock our toolbox. A few new screwdriver, some spanners, a hammer and a few other tools would help us get the job done!

$100 of $100 raised

Tire Swing

Our playground is shifting and we would love to take our tire swing with it! It’s a pretty big job and we could use some help.

$190 of $190 raised

Playground Seesaw

Our playground seesaw is so rotten, once you see it, you can’t unsaw it. Bring the play back into our playground!

$65 of $65 raised

A New Drill

WARNING! This is not a drill! We genuinely need a new drill and would love it if you could help out. You might say: We’re “screwed” without one.

$145 of $145 raised

Two Choir Stands

Our school choir has been working hard over the last few months. A set of new stands will help them raise their voices and their feet.

$180 of $180 raised

Hammer Drill

For all the electrical work, for the plumbing, for the installation of new windows and the removal of walls. A new hammer drill would be amazing!

$390 of $390 raised

Concrete Mixer

For the last few years we have seen one construction after another happen here, we thought it was about time…

$1,150 of $1,150 raised

Girl’s Path

Every day our girls walk to and from their hostel and our Dining Room, we’d love to see them keeping their feet clean.

$216 of $216 raised

Small Boy’s Bunk Beds

Our boys need new beds, eight stackable beds will be built in our workshop with metal frames and plywood bases.

$500 of $500 raised

Security Lights

We would be delighted to see our orphanage lit up at night by some new security lights! C’mon, it’s a bright idea!

$160 of $160 raised

Small Boys Hostel Drain

Our Small Boys Hostel is filling up with water every time it rains. Help us replace the collapsed drain pipe and keep our boys feet dry.

$500 of $500 raised

High Pressure Tank

Water is the key to life. Our current high pressure tank is 25 liters and is simply too small to meet our daily demands.

$475 of $475 raised

Pressure Washer

When it comes time to clean, a hose of this kind keeps us off our knees and onto more important tasks. Whether it’s paths, our pool or vehicles.

$310 of $310 raised

Small Girls Mirrors

Our 21 Small Girls here on the mission share one single bathroom, at the moment it is without any mirrors. THE HORROR!

$60 of $60 raised

2 Wheelbarrows

We’re always moving things around the Mission, but most of the time we just use what we can find to get the job done.

$200 of $200 raised

Cement Walkway

Monsoon rains can make our mud paths difficult, especially for our younger and older members. Help keep feet our dry!

$220 of $220 raised

Project Banbasa

With the help of Tasmanian design company we have embarked on, and completed, our most ambitious fundraiser to date!

$220,602 of $220,000 raised

Bathroom of Terror

Our Big Girls Hostel bathroom is a horror show. Cracked, leaky and dark it will scare even the most brave soul. All that’s about to change.

$6,201 of $5,000 raised

Orphan Christmas 2

It’s that’s time of year again, Christmas is coming! After an amazing fundraiser last year we are opening it up again to you!

$5,810 of $5,500 raised

Orphan Christmas

Christmas is an amazingly special time for all of us here, each year we try to make it something our kids will never forget.

$5,500 of $5,000 raised

Orphan Water

A new water system will completely change life here on the mission. Our blocked and cracked pipes need replacing!

$5,323 of $4,000 raised

Orphan Power

A campaign to keep the lights on after tragedy struck ended up solving one of the biggest problems we face here on the mission.

$30,442 of $5,000 raised

Summer Games 3

It’s the biggest, best orphanage extravaganza in all of India, and this summer…you’re invited. Come join the life lasting fun!

$2,400 of $2,400 raised

Orphan School

Our orphanage’s school is growing every year and now needs more space. Let’s give these beautiful kids some room to soar!

$114,417 of $25,000 raised
School Desks For Orphans

Our orphanage’s school needs new desks, furniture, supplies, a new bus and more classrooms. Check out our first ever crowdfunded campaign.

$41,965 of $4,000 raised