School Desks For Orphans

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Our orphanage has been caring for orphan children in India for over 60 years! We run a school to help generate funds to support our orphans. Self-sufficiency is a huge goal for us and already we are running without the support of any grants or Government funding. We do, from time-to-time, however ask for help with special projects.

Run by Australian family, the Shipways, our orphanage was started in 1952 and cares for around 100 children from all over India. We grow our own food, run our own dairy, maintain our own buildings, tractors and vehicles, make our own furniture and recently launched our largest project to date: our school.

The Maxton Strong School, named after our orphanage’s founder, was completed in July 2013. The school is used primarily to provide education for our orphan children as well as many students from the outside community; through fees raised from outside students we are able to pay for the expenses of the school and ultimately the education of our orphan kids.

Though our school may be up and running, it is not fully furnished. Many of our classrooms are left without desks -or with desks that are so old and damaged they can barely hold the weight of the child sitting on them.

Our biggest need at the moment is 100 desks. To reduce costs we will be making them ourselves. A desk that seats two kids costs just $40 when we make it ourselves.

Santoshi & Cynthia sitting at one of the desks we plan to make…

Every project like this can dream…so here’s ours. $52,000! We’re planning to build 6 new classrooms off the unfinished end of our school. We weren’t planning on doing this for years but with so much support from all over the world…we’re shooting for the moon. As our school expands, we need more space and this will help us get it.

We can’t thank you enough for helping our dreams come true. The kids are blown away by the worldwide support. How high can it go? We have no idea. But we are so grateful for how far we’ve come. THANK YOU!!!!

Some of our students in our school

Project Update!

Our SCHOOLS DESKS FOR ORPHANS campaign has officially ended. Final tally: $41,965!!! 1049% of our initial $4000 goal! Awesome, incredible, crazy, great, thank you!!!

For everyone who helped make this possible, here are a few fun facts. In the end, 621 people from 27 countries contributed. Nearly 70% of the money came from the USA. Incredibly, our campaign ended up as the 56th highest-funded Indiegogo Community campaign of all time! Which blows our collective minds and warms our collective hearts.

What started as an effort to build 100 desks has now furnished our school with desks, benches, sports equipment & cupboards, helped us purchase a new school bus and given us enough money to kick start an extension to make our school bigger and better than ever before!

The whole experience has been fantastic; the generosity and encouragement from supporters from all over the world has been wonderful to be a part of. From all of us here at the Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission…thanks for an exciting 45 days.