Small Girls Mirrors

Our 21 Small Girls are completely lost without a mirror to look into each morning!


$60 of $60 raised

Small Girls Mirrors

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

21 teen girls share a single bathroom here at the mission, and their full-length mirror recently shattered. For anyone who can appreciate the dire need that this item represents, know that your donation will be looked at every day by every young girl in the Small Girls Hostel with the kind of intense scrutiny many around the world usually reserve for their cell phone screens. If you have a teen girl or were one (or know one), you know this is not a frivolous luxury but an essential need.

Project Update!

To the delight of our girls, two full-length mirrors have been donated and have been framed up by our on-staff carpenter Ganesh and installed by Rick. After getting by on one cracked and spotted mirror for so many years, these new shiny beauties will help the girls see just how beautiful they are each time they take a look.