Tire Swing

Our nursery playground is shifting and we don’t want to leave our tire swing behind.  Let’s roll!

$190 of $190 raised

Tire Swing

Thank you to all our donors, we have met our fundraising goal.

As we move our nursery playground to a new location, most of our equipment can just be uprooted and hauled away. But our tire swing can only watch and wait, chained to two massive re-enforced concrete pillars like a prisoner waiting to die. This playground classic may be tired…but we’d love to spare its life. With your help, we can free this mighty captive, position it in a sturdy new home and allow our kids to climb all over it for years to come. It’s a big job, but getting it done will make this a very Goodyear.

Project Update!

We are in the process of installing the new swing as a part of our revamped playground. The pillars are currently being poured.