Our Vocational Training Programs are still in their infancy and are something that we plan to expand heavily on over the coming years; at the moment we are currently at work in two major areas:

Sewing Training Center

On the East border of our property is our Sewing Training Center. This center provides free training to local village women and empowers them to be able to generate a regular and secure income for their households. Classes run by a local tailor operate daily both as a means of instruction and also income generation for the students as they stitch simple items for shops from the local market; pillowcases, bed-sheets, bags, sacks and curtains, just to name a few! Classes have been running on-and-off since 2014 and there are generally around twelve village women who attend.

Computer Training

We have a computer lab on our site and through basic training programs, school and just general hands on experience, our staff and children have learned a lot over the last few years.

We plan to start an official course soon and hope to open this up to the public to better utilize our machines and program. We are currently in discussion with our Local/State Government regarding opening a registered and affiliated polytechnic center. It is our dream to have this project off the ground in the next 12 months.

All of our computers use the latest software (Windows 7) and thanks to the support of Google For NonProfits and TechSoup, we have access to some of the best software available on today’s market. Our hope is that, through the skills learned in this center, our children will be given greater career & study opportunities.