Get Involved

More and more these days people are looking for ways to volunteer in India, there is something about this country that has an appeal for those who are wanting to do good in the world.

There is a huge multitude of ways that visitors and volunteers can help out here on our orphanage. Occasionally things go so well that volunteers end up returning time and time again… some even end up joining us on staff.

We prefer to individually work out somewhat of a timetable for each visitor that fits in with our children’s home duties, school and tuition timetables.

Example Volunteer Timetable

7:30am – Breakfast
8:00am Volunteer Work Around The Mission
10:00am – Morning Tea
10:30am Volunteer Work Around The Mission
12:00pm – Lunch Break
2:00pm Volunteer Work Around The Mission
4:00pm – Afternoon Tea
4:30pm – Free Time
7:00pm – Dinner

Volunteer Work

Generally we like to find out from a volunteer what area of ‘work’ might interest them the most. That said, we are not always able to provide the exact job that a volunteer might want to do. We want your time with us to be productive, beneficial and enjoyable for everyone. Volunteer work can be things like:

  • Reading to children / Library management
  • Helping out on the farm/workshop
  • Painting & construction
  • Gardening & landscaping
  • Running activities/games
  • Cooking or cleaning

Special Projects

From time to time visitors want to run or assist in special projects. Some volunteers even choose to fund raise for specific projects before coming out to the Mission. It is very important that these projects be discussed with/approved by a member of our Board first. Unfortunately we are not always able to implement projects the way that you might suggest; we will always try to communicate the reasoning for this to you as best as possible; we ask for your understanding in this. The complexities of the law, systems on the Mission and our community can make some suggestions difficult to implement. Please know that we keep the well-being of our children and the Mission as our first priority.

The days spent at the mission will always stay with me for the rest of my life. It’s not the work that we did that really caused the impact, albeit for a good cause. It was the time we spent there, interacting with the kids, the opportunity to bring laughter, joy and smiles. Have to say thanks to the best hosts one can ever ask for in a foreign land, Clifton & Eugene and their families.
JJ, Singapore
The best way to describe my time on the mission is life changing. The impact it has had on my life is huge and will last forever. The children are the face of joy, sharing God’s love to all they meet. I found great support in Clifton and the team as they shared with me their wisdom and helped me grow in myself.
Serena, Australia
The innocence of the children and the hospitality of the hosts showed us the best way we could live our lives – with our hearts. They’ve taught us more than we could ever give them, with their way of life and their appreciation of what they have. Its definitely a worthwhile place to spend your time volunteering, and you’ll learn what truly is selfless giving from the people who set up this amazing place.
Sabrina, Singapore
From beginning to end it was a beautiful experience to share a week with the beautiful souls (children and staff, both) at the GSAM orphanage. I have never experienced what i did here. Happy faces even though the circumstances of these children and how they came here could break the strongest of hearts.
Rasna Arora, Canada
We had the amazing opportunity of getting to know the children whilst playing games and helping them with their chores. We had set out (India our first stop) on a 7 month trip around the world (volunteering for the most part) and we expected to have our lives changed. We didn’t realize just how much our hearts would be impacted and how hard it would be to leave this special place.
Ben & Katie, Australia
Dancing with children in the first monsoon rain is the best dance of all. The most knowing eye gaze comes from a baby girl during a formula feed. Togetherness begins on the first page of a good storybook, no matter your age. A big pile of small jandals at my door means it’s time to create some crafts together. Having a cheekiness and zest for life makes rolling 100 chapatti everyday easier!
Kim, New Zealand