Our new school building only opened a few short years ago and since then it has grown with incredible speed. Parents, students and the local community have quickly come to trust the name Maxton Strong School; as a result our student base has increased at a far greater speed than we ever could have imagined. You can learn more about our school, student growth projections and activities via the button below.

To account for the growing need we contacted the international engineering firm Engineering Ministries International and asked them to help us come up with a concept plan for our future campus. EMI sent a team of 14 design professionals out to conduct a site survey.

The team from EMI was quite diverse, there was a surveyor from Botswana, a civil engineer from South Africa, architects from India, a structural engineer, civil engineer, architects and an arborist from the USA. Each team member brought with them a different set of unique skills and abilities that they were able to use to help bring a real tangible focus to our dream for our school.

Campus Expansion Plan

Since our visit from EMI we have begun to see our vision for the school take shape, first with the construction of a double story Science Wing extension, then the completion our Learning Resource Center and now the construction of our Kindergarten. Reflected by the expansion of the physical school building we have seen excellent growth in our student body numbers too!

Phase 1: Learning Resource Center

To assist in the overall educational experience of both our Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary students our LRC contains both a library and computer lab; the lab is designed to incorporate 35 computers and a digital projector. The library has 2 large rooms for book stacks (one for junior and one for senior students), a large reading room, a computer section, newspaper and magazines area and a large work area for the librarian.

In 2016 funding was received for the construction and in 2018 work on the LRC was completed. We are happy to report that the new space is being used daily by our students and has become an integral part of our campus.

Phase 2: Kindergarten
(Under Development)

Construction on the Kindergarten started in late 2021 and is expected to take up to 24 months to complete. The new building will have a large open feel with spacious undercover and open air play space. The ‘L’ shape lines up with the Senior Secondary School, which is our next planned construction, leaving room for entry into either section of the campus. It will be a perfect environment for the newest members of our school family; these youngest students are also our largest growth area, with many local families eager to enroll their children into our well-respected system as early as possible. To better serve and continue attracting a robust group of long-term students, we see this stage as a critical piece of our larger vision.

Phase 3: Senior Secondary School

The most ambitious stage of our journey is the construction of our High School and Secondary/Senior Secondary facility. Containing all our major science labs, a second computer lab, classrooms, our administration area and several common rooms it will be the largest building on campus. Designed to intentionally create a protected space within the campus the Senior Secondary School will be open and airy, filled with natural light.

With faith and dedication, we are launching into the planning and fundraising process for this project, and are excited at the possibilities that lie ahead of us. The educational opportunities that our school is and will be providing to students will go a long way to breaking the cycle of poverty in our local area.

Phase 5: Gymnasium

One of the final buildings of our campus will be the Gym; this building will be used both for physical education purposes and to provide after school training and coaching for basketball, badminton, Taekwondo and soccer.

The building can also be used as an assembly hall during monsoon and winter seasons and will have a stage purpose built for programs and the arts.

Phase 6: Swimming Pool

A 1/4 size outdoor Olympic swimming pool is also planned; toilets and change rooms will be incorporated into the design of the Gymnasium.

Campus Development

As construction continues we will develop our school campus with pathways, gardens, playgrounds, a basketball court, sports fields, sitting areas, a large car park, bicycle racks and a canteen. We expect this part of the expansion plan to happen a little more fluidly over the years that the campus is being developed. We envision beautiful open grounds with shady trees and a natural feel. Drainage would be incorporated to help handle water run off during the monsoon season.

Based on the position of the existing Primary School, the new LRC, Kindergarten, Secondary School and Gymnasium are designed to form a courtyard space in the center as an open assembly area. The design is such that each of the schools would have a direct connection to the open assembly area yet be able to maintain a similar gathering space within. When resources and opportunities allow, we have still bigger dreams, the construction of Playgrounds, a Canteen, and a Car Park are all on our long-term plan. In its finished form, we see the Maxton Strong School as more than just a school. It will be a resource and a place of opportunity, transforming the lives of our hostel children and countless children and families in our local area for many years to come.