Education is a critical foundation in every child’s life. It is certainly something that we place great value in. As a result, it has always been an ambitious dream of ours to build a comprehensive school campus for our orphanage. In its finished form, our school, the Maxton Strong School will include multiple buildings and provide education from nursery up to college level. Our goal is to provide the highest-quality education at an affordable price, not just for our children but for the children of our local community. There are other schools in our area, but they are all profit-making endeavors; costs are cut at every opportunity, and sadly, the quality of education is sacrificed along the way.

Public education in India is a grim option. Most government schools run in Hindi medium and teach very little English, computers, math or science. Our school operates in an English medium with separate classes for Hindi Language, Hindi Literature and Sanskrit. For a excellent private high school education, it costs between $500 and $1800 per student per year, with quality and school reputation being the biggest factors in determining cost. Considering the fact that many families operate on combined incomes of less than $200 per month, an education of this type is often well beyond their means. We feel that all children, including our own, deserve a chance at something better.

Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and we believe it is true. Education, good education, would completely change our area. And while we could not educate every child in Banbasa and its surrounding villages, we can certainly set the standard and be an inspiration to other schools in the region.

Self-Sufficiency Is The Key

In addition to the quality education our children receive and the positive difference made in our community, the Maxton Strong School project helps our organization in two more significant ways: by advancing our goal towards self-sufficiency and by funding our continued expansion into the future. Tuition fees from outside students help pay for the costs of the school and much of our orphanage’s running costs. This means that money generated from our other income sources—such as our farming efforts—can be used to expand further growth, allowing us to eventually operate without the need of outside aid. The dream of becoming a fully self-supporting organization is within our reach!

What We Plan To Do

Our plan is to develop the campus one structure at a time as funding and finances allow. Over the last few years, we have completed Stage 1: our Primary School. With this milestone reached, we have turned our attention to the next stage in the plan: construction of our Learning Resource Center. Following this, we intend to construct a Kindergarten to handle the younger classes and a High School & Inter-College building. Towards the end of this journey we also plan to construct a Gymnasium/Assembly Hall.

There are five primary benefits to this project:

  • Provision of excellent education for our orphan children
  • Provision of excellent education for our staff children
  • Provision of excellent education for local community
  • Funding source for our organization (through fees raised from the point above)
  • Provision of vocational education, adult education and conferences

We have prepared the following graph to outline our student admissions over the last few years and also our projections based on those figures. There is every chance that there will be even greater student numbers as our school’s reputation is constantly getting better and better.

Our vision is to have as many as 1000 paying students studying at the Maxton Strong School campus by the 2020-21 session, and we are well on our way to reaching this goal. Student fees are already paying for the wages of all of our organization’s staff and covering the day-to-day running costs of the primary school.

With the addition of our new library, the senior secondary school and kindergarten we believe our school will grow from strength to strength. In the coming years, we also intend to run vocational training courses, adult education classes, free medical camps, conferences, and have a facility for local meetings. This will truly be a resource for the entire community.

Future Plans